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Improve Your Credit

  December 10, 2016       Admin       0

Something that may be dawning on many new tenants is the fact that many owners of properties check credit history when deciding on a tenant. And something that may surprise seasoned tenants is that renting an apartment doesn’t affect your credit. Whether you just don’t have a credit score or you had some misfortunate happenings, there are still some things you can do to improve your credit score.

1. Pay your bills on time. This sounds obvious but sometimes it’s not that easy. If you are seriously having troubles paying your bills because of a divorce or job loss, you can try calling your collectors and ask if you can pay a lower amount until you get back on your feet. Paying something on time is better than paying nothing at all.

2. Apply for a credit card. If you have no credit, that is. Opening a credit card account can be very helpful when attempting to establish credit. Only use your card to buy things you can afford and then pay it off before the end of the pay period. Don’t open too many credit cards, however, as you can appear risky which may lower your credit score.

3. Request a credit report. There have been instances where things end up on your credit by accident or you pay off a debt and it goes unrecorded. Mistakes happen but sometimes they can drastically affect your credit so it’s a good idea to go over your report at least once a year.