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Should I Allow Pets?

  December 11, 2016       Admin       0

Did you know that 68% of American families own a least one pet? This number is steadily climbing, which has led to some major changes around the country. Many businesses and restaurants have jumped on the craze by accommodating pets. Pet Patios are popping up, some businesses allow you to shop with Fluffy in your cart, and it seems every drive-thru offers some form of dog treat. Pets, simply put, are members of the family. Should you allow pets at your rental property?

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

  1. Potential damage. Fluffy likes to sniff, climb, roll in mud, chew, dig, explore, and may have occasional accidents.
  2. Noise nuisance. Dogs bark. They bark at squirrels, the neighbors, the dishwasher, the mailman.
  3. Dander and allergies. (Roughly 10% of American are allergic to household pets).

However, there are many positives to allowing pets at your rental property.

  1. More applicants. (As stated, 68% of families have a pet. Not allowing Fluffy into your house is limiting your tenant pool by astonishing amounts).
  2. Additional Income. You can charge a pet deposit and pet rent to ensure any pet damages are covered.
  3. No surprises. When rentals are sparse, families feel pressure to pounce on the first home available, but if it doesn’t allow pets. They are forced to get rid of a member of their family, pass up the perfect home, or most commonly; lie about having pets.

In the end, whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, letting pets into your rental space is a big decision. It can affect prices, number of tenants to choose from and your liabilities. If you do decide to rent to tenants with pets, be sure to check them out beforehand and always use your best judgement. Like people, you shouldn’t let just any pet into your home.

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