If you’re struggling with vacancies, searching for a more responsible management team, or simply looking to improve your cash flow; Bullseye is here to help. We have experience taking underperforming malls and conducting a complete turnaround.

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Do you need help filling vacancies, but don’t need full management services?
We will market your commercial space online and offline, coordinate property showings, and handle the entire application process for you. Each applicant will go through the tenant screening process. This is based on a scoring system that incorporates several factors including credit, background, and income verification.

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What We Provide

24/7 Transparency Accounting

It’s your money, you should be able to manage it when and where you need to. With secure online access, your accounting information is always available

Digital Payments

Making payments is more convenient than ever. Our easy-to-navigate site offers digital payment options that are available to all clients of Bullseye Properties.

Customer Service

Our personable customer service representatives are always available. Whether you prefer to call over the phone or send an email, a live person is always here to talk about your home.

Investment Protection

We know that your home is your biggest investment and we are committed to treat your home like it was our own. We work to make sure that your properties are well taken care of and are listed appropriately.

Maintenance Expertise

Not only do we have close relationship to all of our vendors, we also have repair knowledge of our own. With our experience, we can make certain that you won’t be overcharged.

Litigation Protection

Background checks are required by all tenants to ensure a quality tenant. We also provide litigation protection by recording all emails and phone calls.

We have the skills and the knowledge. Are you interested in working with us? Get Started!