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Do you guarantee tenants?

Yes! We guarantee * that we will get a quality tenant into your property. If, for any reason, a tenant does not work out we will release the property back to you at no cost.

* Guarantee is valid for the first 9 months of lease. Does not apply to Leasing Service Only Agreements

What happens if eviction is necessary?

With our thorough tenant vetting process, evictions are very rare. If an unfortunate situation does occur and eviction is necessary, we will file all paperwork and make certain that you are complying with all laws in the process. We will prepare all evidence necessary to confirm that eviction proceedings are always successful. We will represent the owner in court and coordinate with law enforcement to remove the tenant and their possessions after eviction is granted.

Do you assist with issuing rental licenses?

We will aid you by meeting with City Inspectors ourselves at no charge** and coordinate any required fixes to make sure your home complies with all rental license ordinances.

** Re-inspections are assessed a trip charge

How and when do I receive my rental proceeds?

Every attempt is made to make sure you receive your proceeds as fast as possible. We routinely deposit your proceeds via electronic deposit into your account by the 3rd of every month so you don’t need to lift a finger.

How are repairs handled?

Bullseye Property Management is well-equipped to handle repairs, routine and unexpected, as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Basic repairs can be done from our in-house maintenance crew. We also have a network of preferred vendors that provide our clients with discounts on repairs. We are willing to accommodate if you wish to use your favorite vendor or to perform the repairs yourself.

Do you have references from past clients?

Of course! Some of our favorite testimonials are on our website or you can check out our Facebook page. We are always happy to put you in touch with some of our satisfied clients upon request.